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Your rooms are geometric, your furniture is geometric, and the layout of your room design is probably geometric, too. Rooms, windows, tables and chairs are usually made in the shape of geometric forms with corners and angles. Have you considered the round coffee table?

The Living Room Angle

Most living rooms are square or rectangular. Many have angular wall bits extending into the room, like a fireplace chimney or book shelf. Some have angular wall bits built into the walls like niches or bay windows. To fit the room, you add a rectangular couch, a square end table, angular drapes, and rectangular wall art. Why would you add a round coffee table? Well, probably because it’s a round coffee table.

The coffee table is the center of the room or of the conversation area. An angular coffee table creates a solid mass between couch and either chairs or entertainment center or fireplace with only a bit of space on either side of the table to allow people to move. Now, a round coffee table creates a circular space like the center of a honeydew or the seeds in a sunflower.

The Circular Center

Whether you’re decorating according to Martha Stewart or feng shui, the round coffee table is the way to go. A round coffee table is like a square coffee table without the corners. Unless you have some use for the corners, you can lose them and gain some extra space to make a room look roomier.

The round coffee table doesn’t have to be a table at all. A large ottoman with a top flat enough to hold a tray or glasses makes a great coffee table and extra seating as well. And since it’s upholstered, you can use fabric that matches or contrasts with the other living room fabric.

You can make a round coffee table with a round piece of glass supported by a base of anything that enhances the décor of the room – as long as it’s the right height. A marble pillar, a filing cabinet, sports equipment, even coffee table books can make a base for your table. A large round mosaic also makes a good table top. It can be purchased or home made. A little padding around the edge makes it safe for a toddler, especially since there are no corners.

As for the feng shui “angle” having a round coffee table in the very important center of the room allows your energy to flow smoothly and be directed to all parts of the room to enhance health, wealth, family relations and love.

Espresso Business Mistakes

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Start Your Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe

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