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What, exactly, do you need a modern coffee table for? What function will it serve? Form follows function, and that’s even more true with modern furniture design.

A Modern Coffee Table to Put Things on

We usually park a modern coffee table in front of the couch so that we can put stuff on it. It’s a place to set a cup of coffee and a snack, the book you’re reading, or the TV remote. You might put decorative things on it so that it’s pretty, but the real reason you have a coffee table is so that people have somewhere to put their stuff. That’s why coffee tables often have a roughly rectangular shape. They don’t need to be very wide, but they need to be long enough so that whoever is sitting on the couch can use them.

If your modern coffee table will be used as a place to park stuff, you’ll want it to be made out of something durable and easy to take care of. A modern coffee table could be made out of beautiful wood. It could also be made out of plastic, or stainless steel, wicker, or glass. You need a practical table that is easy to clean and maintain, but one that is still beautiful.

A Modern Coffee Table to Store Things in

Sometimes a coffee table is just a table, which makes it wasted storage space. If your coffee table has some kind of dimension to it, even if it’s just a shelf under the table, you have extra storage. Your modern coffee table can have drawers in it to store games and puzzles.

Maybe it is a solid piece with cabinet doors, or a hinged top. You can also store extra pillows and blankets in it for guests. You can even reverse the process, and use storage pieces for a coffee table. A couple of wicker hampers or a hope chest easily does double duty as a modern coffee table.

A Modern Coffee Table to Sit on

The right kind of coffee table can double as extra seating for guests. It has to be sturdy enough to hold their weight, and it should look like it is meant to sit on. Three leather cubes could be pushed together for a coffee table, or scattered around the room for extra seating. A pair of brocade-covered hassocks could be either seating or a coffee table.

A Modern Coffee Table to Eat on

Everybody eats snacks on the coffee table, but a modern coffee table can also be used as a dining table. There are two ways to make it work. The first is that you could use Japanese-style seating, with a low coffee table and cushions. You could stack the cushions under the table when it’s a coffee table, and pull them out for dinner.

You could also get a coffee table with a hydraulic stand that raises up to table height at dinner time, and lowers to coffee table height the rest of the time. Whatever you choose, a coffee table nowadays can be used in many different ways.





Espresso Business Mistakes

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Start Your Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe

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