Pros And Cons Of A Marble Coffee Table

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A marble coffee table is beautiful. It is classic and durable enough to be handed down to your children and grandchildren. A marble coffee table fits into any décor from baroque to ultra-modern. The pros of getting a marble coffee table are easily apparent: it’s a gorgeous piece of furniture that will last forever. What more could you want from a coffee table?

You might want something you could put a cup of coffee on. One huge disadvantage to owning a marble coffee table is that marble is soft stone, and it stains and scratches easily. It can be a pain in the neck to maintain, and it may be costly to keep it looking nice enough to pass down to the next generation.

Before you decide to buy that gorgeous marble coffee table, think about your family and how the coffee table will be used. It’s not the best place for playing with little cars, or for toenail painting parties. If your family uses the coffee table as a place to set drinks and snacks and books, however, a marble coffee table will do just fine.

Protecting and Maintaining a Marble Coffee Table

Once you’ve made the decision to buy a this kind of coffee table, it’s imperative to maintain it properly. Make sure the stone has been sealed; if it has not, you’ll have cup rings before next week. You’ll need to reseal it annually, too. Polish your table frequently with a good marble polish. That will help protect it and will remove superficial scratches and stains.

If your marble coffee table gets badly marred or stained, you may need to get it resurfaced. It’s frustrating when your marble coffee table gets stained, but it doesn’t ruin the table. Resurfacing does, however, have to be done professionally, and it’s expensive enough that you don’t want to do it annually.

The best thing you can do to protect your new (or old) coffee table is to become a coaster freak. Have pretty coasters available for people to use and insist that they do. Never put anything hot, cold, sticky or wet directly on the marble; always put a coaster or doily underneath it.

A marble coffee table does require maintenance, and you do have to treat it with care. Only you can decide if those cons are enough to keep you from having a beautiful marble coffee table in your living room.

Espresso Business Mistakes

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