A Coffee Urn is a Must-Have for Your Family Get-Together

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A family get-together, whether it is a reunion or traditional holiday dinner, is a time for fun and great food. To be sure, there will always be plenty of dessert and variations of dishes that incorporate the term “casserole.” One overlooked menu item sure to be in short supply where people and pie are found in large numbers is coffee. To ensure that your next event isn’t low on the Joe, add a coffee urn to your appliance list and make sure everyone is happy.

The Coffee Urn: It’s Not Just for the Office Anymore

Okay, so let’s face the cold, hard truth here − the coffee urn is definitely not sexy. That ubiquitous piece of nameless office appliance has often found itself garnering little more importance than a discarded toner cartridge − except, that is, when early morning meetings call the coffee urn to do its faithful duty.

In this technology-driven world, the coffee urn is a throwback to a simpler time when function trumped form. The basic design of the urn has changed very little over the years. Capacity might have increased, and tinkering with the lid might have produced a slightly less boring outline, but the coffee urn is, on the inside, about as unchanged and vanilla-boring as a piece of equipment can get.

A true measure of the importance of a piece of equipment is often found in that small period of time where it fails to perform as promised. When the copier goes on the blink the entire office gets into a tizzy. Copiers, however important they may be, come with some degree of expectation that, eventually, something will go wrong. Denizens of the office wilds have tacitly accepted this as a simple fact of life and learned to work around it.

Not so with the coffee urn. For this piece of equipment there is one expectation, one rule: work as promised. When things go wrong, however, all heck breaks loose. Contracts are lost, productivity declines, and excuses to leave the meeting table are flung to the wind. For the humble coffee urn, appreciation is an elusive beast and expectations are high.

One overlooked arena in which the lowly coffee urn might shine is the family get-together. Pumpkin pie needs coffee just like apple pie needs ice cream, and the coffee urn is ready to deliver. Few gatherings are likely to be so large that they tax the ability of the average urn to produce a consistent cup of coffee. After all the hugs, all the oohs and ahhs, most parties are left with the comfort of fifty cups of caffeine-laced wake-me-up.

When you’re planning your next family reunion, take a page from the office notebook and include a coffee urn in your planning. Simple, yet effective, this basic appliance offers a worry-free way of bringing coffee to the masses.













Espresso Business Mistakes

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