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Coffee roasters have long been strictly the domain of the coffee shop staff. The highly technical nature of using one, coupled with its price, kept the device out of the typical home user’s hands. Modern coffee roasters are coming into the market now that use computer controls to take out a lot of the difficulty in operation, and come in a smaller size more targeted to a home audience.

It still isn’t for just everyone yet − there are many things that still go into a good cup of coffee that most people just won’t want to trouble with. Yet, for the dedicated hobbyist, the home coffee roasters on the market today can really offer a new dimension to their morning cup.

Why Coffee Roasters

The coffee drinking world is filled with very personal choices. From the type of bean chosen to the method of making the coffee, it boils down for most coffee mavens to control. For these people, being able to personally control the roast of their beans, just as they have been controlling grinds and brewing methods, is a wonderful opportunity.

Roasting is one of the most influential processes that the bean can undergo before meeting the water. Choosing the right roast for the desired flavor is very important. Coffees come in a green state, then the coffee roasters take them from this green all the way up to French roast, with near infinite stops along the way. This can leave a mild bean devoid of flavor, or burn the taste completely out of a robust bean. This is where the technical skills have been important.

Now the new computer-controlled coffee roasters give the user as much control as they want over everything from amount and pattern of heat, to the length of time the beans spend in it. This gives the end user an unprecedented level of control over their coffee.

Not everyone wants this much control, they may be happy with the grinds and roasts they have been buying, so for them the new coffee roasters aren’t that big a deal. They are more interested in the convenience of a quick cup of coffee rather than the whole complicated process that can go into a first-rate cup − the coffee roasters aren’t for them.

If you aren’t one of those people, and it really matters you just what goes into your cup, then you should look into the new coffee roasters. You might just find something you really enjoy, both for drinking and for doing.


Espresso Business Mistakes

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Start Your Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe

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