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When you are setting up your kitchen, there are not many choices as complex as the selecting the right coffee pot. While most people are only familiar with the typical drip coffee pot that drops the coffee onto the hot plate just in time for a little morning wake-me-up, there are actually many more choices on the market. From the French press to the Italian vacuum systems, there are several different ways to treat your coffee in the morning, and if you are going to get the most out of your cup, it might be good to know about them.

Coffee Pot Types

As the most popular coffee pot, the automatic drip coffee pot is the first that most people think of. These pots are very convenient, often made with a built-in timer so that the user can load the grounds into the basket, fill the tank, and, in the morning, wake to a fresh pot. Yet there are certain drawbacks to this system, starting with the way it handles the grounds. When you want a really good cup of coffee, it is best to fresh-grind your beans.

Setting the grinds up the night before exposes them to oxygen and lets them lose flavor. The physics behind the way the water gets into the basket and though the grounds need the water to be hotter than is best for the coffee. The burner under the pot that the coffee drops into compounds this problem, burning the coffee essential oils even farther. This is why the argument rages between the French press and the Italian vacuum system as to which is the best coffee pot.

The French press is a pot where you put the grounds into the bottom of the coffee pot, then pour water over them, before using a screened plunger to filter out the grounds. This system allows for a high degree of control over the temperature of the water, so you can extract the best from the beans.

The Italian vacuum system uses a vacuum formed by boiling, then sealing off and cooling the water to pull it through the beans. Once again, the pot is removed from the heat, so the grounds are not burned in the coffee pot.

Both of these systems make an excellent cup of coffee, particularly when paired with a good bean, but they can be very complicated to use and clean, which wards off most consumers. It boils down to whether taste or convenience is more important in your cup of coffee, so look to that when deciding on your coffee pot.


Espresso Business Mistakes

Startling Facts About What NOT To Do Inorder To
Start Your Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe

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