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Many people would agree with the statement that coffee has an exquisite aroma with a mouth watering taste. Coffee lovers swear by this drink, stating that it’s the best addiction they’ve ever allowed themselves to have. Some people feel the need to drink coffee every morning in order to start their day right, and many people drink it throughout the day as well. Coffee moguls like Starbucks and Seattle’s Best have made a fortune from perfecting coffee and selling their brew to coffee addicts who use it for their daily fuel.

Why So Good?

What makes good coffee so good? Coffee by itself has an extremely bitter flavor, caused by the shells surrounding the coffee beans. When pure coffee is ground up and brewed, it naturally has an acidic flavor that can cause an upset stomach, mouth sores, and tainted taste buds. Since the early days of Colombian coffee cultivation, coffee connoisseurs have worked on removing the bitter flavor from coffee, but to no avail.

After getting tired of the bitter flavor, Melitta Bentz of Dresden Germany created the first coffee filter in 1908. Melitta Bentz had the intention of removing the bitter taste that is caused from boiling loose coffee grounds. Considering the supplies that were available during that time period, she was, by past standards, quite a genius.

She creatively used her son’s blotter paper from his ink pen in attempt to strain the coffee grounds, and created what is now known as a coffee filter. Over time, entrepreneurs used Bentz’s idea and produced coffee filters that were more effective and did a better job of cutting out the bitter flavor.

History of Coffee Filters

Now that coffee filters have been around for nearly an entire century, every coffee maker is equipped with a filter of some sort. Coffee filters come in all shapes, sizes and materials and they are used for various purposes. After coffee filters became a product of mass production, they were typically made from a blotter-like paper, but recently they have been made from stainless steel.

The change from paper to stainless steel came with the growing trend that follows Indian preparation of coffee. It is likely that the coffee filters will follow trends and change as the demand grows for each type of filter.

Where Can I Get One?

Consumers can purchase paper coffee filters for one to two dollars per box of one hundred filters, and they have their pick in just about any store. Disposable coffee filters are used most frequently because they are easy to throw away, they do the best job of pulling out the bitter flavor, and they are inexpensively priced.

Many people say that permanent filters collect the bitterness and over time, begin to redistribute that flavor into freshly brewed coffee. A fun fact that people don’t often associate with coffee filters is that they have the ability to provide hours of entertainment to children and adults alike, as they are perfect for a variety of art projects, coloring canvases, and decorative table pieces.

Espresso Business Mistakes

Startling Facts About What NOT To Do Inorder To
Start Your Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe

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