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Scientific research has just released a new healthy eating regime that makes every coffee lover’s dreams come true. For centuries, nutritionists and health care professionals have told dieters to stay away from coffee for various reasons, suggesting that the caffeine component in coffee was bad for their health and detrimental to their weight loss routines. They claimed that coffee and it’s frequently used condiments added additional calories to a person’s diet and basically erased the good aspects from the routine.

Putting the Wives Tales In The Past

Study after study began to produce results that suggested that the caffeine component in coffee was good for a person’s health. Because of innovative scientists and persistent coffee lovers who swore by their tried and true drink, research continued producing supportive evidence and such the coffee diet was born.

Regardless of supportive evidence, the coffee diet was still under strict microscopic surveillance, as critics tried to prove science wrong. Many people still could not believe that the substance that people were warned against for years could suddenly become not just acceptable, but suggested as part of a healthy eating regime. Eventually the critics became believers and believers became fanatics and eventually the new fad diet was sweeping the nation and coffee lovers began to follow the coffee diet religiously.

What’s In a Cup?

According to leading scientific researchers, an eight ounce cup of coffee offers the drinker approximately one hundred milligrams of pure caffeine. The coffee diet suggests that people drink one cup of black coffee in the morning (not lattes and cappuccinos) to jump start their metabolism by up to ten percent and curb their appetite, resulting in weight loss over time by burning calories faster than normal.

Although the coffee diet has proven to help followers lose weight, it’s not an all inclusive miracle. It takes effort from the dieter just like any other diet or eating routine. In order to use the benefit of the coffee diet to the fullest extent, followers should exercise regularly and eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in carbohydrate and fat. This will give the caffeine something to work with, causing a snowball effect of high caloric burn off, and resulting in weight loss over time.

Why Not?

The coffee diet is not for everyone, and those who decide to follow the newest fad diet should check with their health care provider before beginning, just as with any other diet or fitness regime. Despite its seemingly fabulous effects, the coffee diet can cause health problems and negative side effects that for some are simply not worth the slight increase in metabolism.

The caffeine from a daily intake of black coffee can cause unstable blood sugar, resulting in fatigue and drowsiness and in some instances, cause the body to store other food as fat which would result in weight gain, the opposite desired effect. The acidity in coffee can cause ulcers and airway corrosion along with stained tooth enamel after prolonged use. Another side effect of caffeine is the effect it has on the circulatory system, namely the heart.

Caffeine can cause the heart to beat quickly and abnormally, resulting in a feeling of shakiness, fidgeting, hypertension, and ultimately a loss of concentration. Keeping in contact with your physician while on the coffee diet is a good idea, as problems can arise quickly and can be detrimental to one’s physical state.

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