Setting up a Coffee Cart Shop On a Street Corner

Espresso Business Mistakes

Startling Facts About What NOT To Do To
Start Your Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe

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Although the idea of street side coffee carts are a fairly new idea, their popularity is growing and they are popping up on street corners all over the world. A privately owned coffee cart offers the possibility of great residual income and opportunities to open up other venues, be it another cart or a coffee store. This type of business is also notorious for the likelihood of creating relationships with frequent coffee drinkers who will return to your coffee business day after day if you offer high quality service and good coffee.

Why Open a Coffee Cart?

Because of the frequency of coffee drinkers in the United States, opening up a coffee cart is almost guaranteed to be a successful business venture if it is managed correctly and offers a variety of palatable beverages. Selling brand name coffee is not a necessity, though some coffee business owners feel that selling brands like Starbucks and Colombian coffee may produce more sales and subsequently more income.

Location, Location, Location

According to successful business owners, location is everything when it comes to success. Before someone even considers purchasing a coffee cart, they should consider a few locations and survey them carefully to determine which location would likely bring in the most revenue. A prospective coffee cart owner should find a place with high visibility, high traffic counts, a place near their commissary or supply store so that they have easy access to refill supplies, and a safe location where they can leave their coffee cart until the following business day.

It is an unwise business investment to open up a coffee cart near businesses that are well renowned like Starbucks or Seattle’s Best. It does not mean that their coffee is better, they have simply proven their success, and people are likely to flock to the large stores if given an option between the two.

Tips for Beginning Business

Once a location has been found, the prospective business owner should talk to the local bureaucracy for approval and to determine if there are additional steps that need to be taken. The next logical step is contacting a bank or another lending agency to get startup costs taken care of. Costs for setting up a coffee cart typically range from twenty to twenty five thousand dollars for coffee supplies and business ownership.

Following the footwork and prior to opening day, coffee cart owners should carefully train their employees to offer the highest quality service to their customers. The coffee cart should offer unique and well liked drinks, keeping the customers happy so they return day after day.

Espresso Business Mistakes

Startling Facts About What NOT To Do Inorder To
Start Your Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe

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