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Coffee, for years, has been the favored breakfast drink among many people. However, with the outcropping of more and more coffee houses, people are now drinking java throughout the day and even right up until they go to sleep at night. Coffee is usually used to stay alert during the day. People drink it during the day to perk up after a long night’s sleep, and often people drink it after meals to keep from feeling sleepy during digestion. However, with more and more people drinking their favorite drink throughout the day and night, it is often hard for these people to sleep at night.

More Houses Open Every Day

More and more coffee houses are opening up in nearly every town. In fact, nowadays it is common to find coffee houses within a few blocks of each other. This means that more and more people are drinking java. The reason for so many coffee houses is that these places do not just offer the traditional regular and decaffeinated coffees anymore - there are many flavors to choose from now. In fact, many houses have entire menus dedicated to the once simple drink.

Drive-Thru Houses

Many of these houses even have drive-thru windows. That means that getting your coffee is easier than ever. You never have to get out of your car. This is great for long commutes to and from work.

With so many drive-thru houses, and the popularity of all-day coffee drinking, it is no wonder that there are often drive-thru lines leading all the way to the streets at many of these places. In fact, many of the houses have lines all the way to closing time, most often to ten or eleven o’clock at night.

It should be noted that if you drink coffee throughout the day and even at night, you could have trouble sleeping. Thus, you run the chance of perpetuating a cycle. You do not get enough sleep at night so you feel tired during the day. You drink coffee to feel more awake, and thus do not sleep well at night and the cycle goes on. Coffee, as with anything, should be enjoyed in moderation.

However, if you are feeling a little bit sleepy, it shouldn’t be hard to find your local house. You can either go inside or visit the drive-thru. Just be aware that there will probably be a line, as everyone else wants the same boost from whatever’s on the menu.

Espresso Business Mistakes

Startling Facts About What NOT To Do Inorder To
Start Your Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe

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